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Angela Michelle

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Residence: Cleveland, Ohio
Country: USA

Who In The World Is Angel?

Who am I? To be honest, talking about myself feels a bit strange, but since you came here, I guess I can tell you a bit about myself. I am a college student studying computers and teaching. Yes, its true, I'm a glutton for punishment. I'm an inner city girl that lives in a world where "computer" is a curse word and its sad to see so many people give up hope on high paying jobs because no one will teach them what's out there and at a price they can pay. I hope to change that ideal. Because moving into technology shouldn't be painful. Especially for the young.

I also have a deep interest in martial arts; primarily weapons arts, obscure japanese arts, as well as Northern and Southern Shaolin. I view martial arts in a whole very seriously, despite my generally free-wheel nature. This love for the arts is basically the fault of certain members of my family and friends (YOU know who you are!) I have read the Book of Five Rings numberous times and think of the legendary swordsmaster, Musashi Miyamoto, as a role model in many aspects of life (even if he IS dead). The ability to take charge of any situation is a critical skill and that's not just martial arts. In business, people respect that abillity and to work it into an art form takes time. But is well worth it.

I am what many may consider a very spontanious person. But be it blessing or curse, I make it a point to never give up on anything. Once my mind is set on something, you'll have a sure bet that it'll be extremely hard to pry me off of it. I have a very deep love of writing as a personal hobby, have read a 1000 page book in a four days, bake en masse for no better reason than so I can watch others eat it, and am a self-proclaimed American Otaku. I Role-play and jump on MUVRs with equal fervor and you can catch me on some of them if you like. Busy girl, huh?

Well... enough of that.

What Do I Do When I'm Not Online?

Ano... Is this a trick question? You mean I actually DO things offline?? ;) Just kidding. Well for one, I hang out with my friends. I'm the founder and president of the Cleveland Anime Appreciation Society. Fancy name for a small but growing anime club. I also spend time with my family and work, work, work!


What else is there? Hobbies..maybe? Well, most you know already. I have a LOT of hobbies because I love so many things. I net-hop to the MUVRs with an eager smile, I write almost endlessly.. , bake for the fun of it, and I like Martial Arts. I enjoy philosophies and arguing about them, I can talk about a Shakespherean play for a good long while, and I know the Japanese language, but not to any great extent. I also collect fantasy swords and daggers (and at home we know who's fault THAT love came from too... see above). I feel I can do whatever I need to. If it interests me, I'll check it out.

I'm not a hard person to please. I'm too much a lover of life and all that's in it to be less than a total optimist. I refuse to let anyone pull me down for more than a day, there's too much to experiance and see to slow down much. If anyone denies me this simplest of things, then they'll see I'm the last person to be made an enemy. Besides, I can't be the grudge-holder. With friends, there is rarely nothing I won't try and do. And I'll take it to the limit every time.

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