We had reached the peaks of our technology. Through the cultivation of knowledge, we have learned until there was nearly nothing left to know. Our city was the greatest amongst all races; be they elves, dwarves, or faerie. She was filled to overflowing with minds eager to know and be known. And so in our fever we turned to ourselves and began to unravel the keys of our minds. With it came great power; at last we were filled with pure energy. Our Queen, the most powerful of all, declared us a new race of beings that would unite all races under a unison mind. Thus we stood in power over all beings, aloft in the etheral and equal to that of Gods.

And the city was plunged into darkness...

This page is set as an introduction to the weave of intrique that has become the game called Age of Apocalpyse. AoA is a free-form fantasy play-by-email roleplaying game that strongly deals with creative writing, full scale character development, and story weaving by all involved. New players are always welcome to enter this world of intrigue and adventure.

This page will hopefully answer many of the questions you have about the game as well as hold links to characters and legends. Lurkers will soon find a summarized version of the story here as well as information as to how to JOIN in.

Alumina by Nightmare This is the end theme from the anime Death Note. And currently the game's theme for the moment. ;P

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