Overall Villan Theme Song: "Forsaken" by Disturbed

Argon: Dampyre Avatar of Tara-kun - A creature of beauty, a rose with ill-concealed thorns, charming harbinger of death. All these are what makes the man known as Argon. Born of a vampire and elf, he took to his dark nature almost immediately. An improbable creature, a cursed mixture of those who cherish life most and that which devours it Argon is a practiced user of those around him. Rarely does he see any need for assistance in his endeavors, and those he does enlist often fall prey to his blades or his fangs before long, either outliving their usefulness or becoming victims of their immortal companion's ennui. Usually, Argon is the picture of calm, patient superiority, though an occasional flare of passion (often induced by wounded pride or vanity) is not unknown.

Theme Song: "Cantique 1" by Die Form
Quotables! "You know what? I'm leaving now. I have no reason to stay here, because Dezaryn does more damage on his own than I ever could."

Diana: Dampyre Rune Mage- When Argon was captured by Lord Azeure, three days of his life vanished suddenly without him knowing what occurred. He left not knowing he was the key in a strange experiment... one that ended in the birth of a powerful Dampyre daughter. One who possessed the old, forbidden powers of Rune Magic. Masterfully deceptive, Diana is an enigma who's nature seems as simple as a child... yet holds a shocking twist to all.

Theme Song: "Born to Darkness" from the Interview with the Vampire soundtrack
Quotables! "I get what I want... always."

Malcolith: Elf Vindicator- Known as the Reaver, this man was forced to slay his own parents a second time after their ghosts haunted him following an undead attack. Now obessed with erraticating the wandering unlife, Malcolith is the hunter that walks the shadows of night without fear. But a recent incident in the past three years turned his cause to one of stalking revenge. After long days of research and a wounded pride and honor that fueled his passions, he now stalks the greatest prey of his career. The Dampyres; and most especially the golden haired one that wronged him so deeply.

Theme Song: "Zombie" by the Cranberries.
Quotables! "If I say I'll kill you... there's nothing to do but die."

Leona Fairchild: Human Prism Mage - Leona never considered her time with Argon a victory or a bust. In many cases it was a part of both as she managed to complete what she said she would do and he gained what he wanted, but she found herself severed from a powerful ally at the same time with his disappearance and she still didn't get what she wanted. Still she retained her control over the artifact Staff and with it, continued her campaign of power. She returned to the tower still as embittered as before; perhaps more so but it was one that she held inside and controlled.

Through the years she grew into a young woman that was as beautiful as icicles and twice as cold. Her heart was forever held by the one she could not gain and her unrequited love made her hate him still. But one would never know she loved anything by meeting her. She was brutally calculating and took up her position as Mistress of Arcanus Tower without argument from any and ran it with such efficiency that none sought to remove her. As it is they leave her be and she leaves them alone for the most part... which is just fine and well.

Because it means none of them knows what she's really doing...

Theme Song: "The Haunted" by illumina
Quotables! "A heart? What heart can beat if the body has no soul?"

Benares: Human Diablo Knight - For every day, there is night. Beside every stream of light, there is shadow. A mysterious man who lives by a code similar to that of the Unicorn Knights... only in reverse. Follower of a God known only as Dios and high ranking officer of a secretive group that adhere to the code of Zhakrin, he is the opposite of everything the Knights of Promenthas are and yet holds to his own strict code of honor. Many don't know about them, and those that do are either very powerful... or dead.

Theme Song: "Land Beneath the Waves" by Butterfly Messiah

Valasar: Human Diablo Knight Coming Soon

Kharlon: Nightmare Coming Soon

Theme Song: "What I've Done" by Linkin Park
Quotables! "You really don't know what you're getting into do you?"

Setanos (The Warlord): Daemon Warrior - He was once the younger brother of a high-ranking immortal of the 9 Havens. But appeared at birth in the hellfires of Abaddon because of the lust for battle and conquest broiling in his corrupted soul. He was the shadow to his elder sister's light and as one grew to be a guardian and protector, the other stomped his way through the ranks of malignant darkness. For 700 years he was the antithesis of that light until the day came that he completed his transformation into a true Daemon Lord by slaying his own sibling and devouring her soul... and thus her power. With the light no longer part of his life, Setanos became darkness incarnate. But he wasn't statisfied with commanding the armies of darkness, he wanted to become Overlord of everything and that means handling the gates of the Crossroads...

Theme Song: "Mitternacht" by E Nomine
Quotables! "Don't you love the smell of Fear in the morning?"

Lucien: Dampyre Rogue - Master servant of Benario and rumored to be a favored of Tylene, Lucien is the younger half-brother of the powerful Vampire Sharlen. Living his immortal life in the light of day and preying on the rich and unworthy by night, he's as much a smooth-talking playboy as he is a royal pain-in-the-ass. He upkeeps his image of snooty richness on the wealth of others and plays the underground like a harp. Unafraid of much as he passes through on the edge, he takes the pure adrenaline of doing what shouldn't be done as his manner of feeling alive. He has staged some of the most incredible thefts, even once managing to move the Book of Argelis from its resting place even though he couldn't get it out of the building, and so far has managed to keep the harried Unicorn Knights and unconnected populace from knowing who he is.

Theme Song: "I Never Told You What I Do For A Living" by My Chemical Romance
Quotables! "It's so much fun to do the impossible!"

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