This page is full of pictures that represent the imperial palace of Caledonia in Haven. This is Rizzen's home pretty much now, even though he's not quite yet king. I did this because so many players will be interacting with this area, I though it would help if you had a good idea of what exactly you are facing here. *LOL*

Images of Caledonia

This is a combination gaming area and just general place that people would go to sit around and BS or whatever. This gives you a clear idea of what walking around in there is like. :) Now this is someplace that Rizzen would hold audiences at. You can see the royal colors of red and gold good here. We have talked more than enough about the castle's fabulous gardens. This area is where Rizzen first made the mistake of shutting down the soul link and collapsed. It's also where Dez first kissed him. ^_^ ((On the cheek people, don't start!)) Just another beautiful sight in there. I think you get the picture by now, right? They're awesome *laugh* The subject of much talk, a trysting area and the scene of at least one fic. ^_- Actually it's about six times this size, but you get the idea. Nighttime in the gardens and in the center stands Lady Soraya, Magister of Tartaris and the twins' mother. Bracing the world with her own powerful body in the form of a tree. ((Yes, that's a scene from FFX :P))

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