Special Classes of Tartaris


*BladeMaster: The bladesmasters are a secretive group of ninja-like warriors who have dedicated their early training and life to a strict regiment focused around one weapon and personal martial arts. Regardless of the weapon chosen, the blade master is an individual of very singular concentration and rare physical coordination. They are grudgingly respected for their strong dedication and skillful mastery of their weapon. Being part of such a secretive society have made them subject to suspicions, but they are still the greatest and most dangerous of mercenaries.

*ShadowDancers: - Coming Soon

*Hitokiri: - Coming Soon


*Tarsan Gladiator: Originating in the black lands of Tyrsis, the Gladiators that walk the lands now are those rare few that have managed to escape the Arena. They are exceptional fighters, able to find a way to use anything as a weapon, but that’s all they know. Gladiators are subject to strange berserker rages when backed into a corner, and they seem to have an unstable mentality. Gladiators are always chaotic and unpredictable, but they do have a ‘shut off’ area that the masters enspelled them with to stop them from fighting.

*Northern Rangers: The Rangers are the underground network of Tartaris. They are very loosely organized but they never tell you who they are. They see much and know a lot, more than many are comfortable with. And no one knows who’s side they’re on if any sides at all. They wouldn’t be thought of as more than a nuisance, if it wasn’t for those strange powers they seem to be developing.

*Knights of the Unicorn: They are a very, very prestigious group of Holy Warriors. They are nearly impossible to get into . But there are many young Paladin-types who hope that their deeds will attract the Unicorn to come for them. Most never see it, and only the most dedicated will ever ride a Unicorn.

*Kensai: - Coming Soon


*Gem Wizards: The wizards of the Arcanus Tower reside within the Gem fields of Dymond. They are a strong order that separates into five colors:

  • Ruby (fire)- is a very destructive individual.
  • Diamond (healing)- only exists to help others with their power.
  • Sapphire (waters)- are illusionists and enchanters
  • Emerald (balances)- take no heed to anything. They can aid and destroy equally.
  • Onyx (shadows)- are all necromancers

These gems are very valuable to a wizard and acts like their focus stone. As long as they have this stone, then they can do great magics. But carrying a stone of that much value makes the Gem wizards favored targets of brigands.

*Artificers: A very unique type of gem mage whose power and focus are solely within objects around them. The artificers are the master's of magical item enchanting and are usually found with a sack-load of simple things that could hold great magics. Mostly seen is curiously strange, their power is deceptively strong.


*Druids: All came from Mallandaria, the capitol of Tashiri. These are your usual druids except that they are very well educated and have access to vast resources.

*Vindicators: Cleric/warriors who's specialty is the elimination of undead.

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