Fanfics and Shortstories

Welcome to the archive of random stories and fanfics. This page will serve to list any stories written by players of the Age of Apocalypse game or by lurkers of the game. For those that do not know, a fanfic is short for fan fiction. It is a story written by someone outside of the players and most often do not reflect the actual events, feelings, and/or actions of players and NPCs. Fanfics are more side stories and what if's than anything else. However the short stories written by the actual players themselves and containing their own characters can be taken as an actual event. So please sit back, relax, and enjoy the musings spawned by a game that has lasted since 1996 and still going strong!

WARNING! These stories will be classed as to their material. Yaoi means it will contain male/male relationships. Lemon contains sexual scenes and may or may not be graphic. Angst, Romance, Comedy, Musings you should know what that means. If you can't handle it, don't read it! To be honest I really don't feel that I should have to write a disclaimer, we all know better right? I've been pleased by the maturity level of everyone. But just in case.

Short Stories

    The Sweetness of Death by Malcolith - (angst) The hunter of undead stalks his ultimate prey.
    Soul to Soul by Angel - (slight angst) The story of the twins' capture. (Word document)
    Darkest Nights by Rizzen - (slight angst) Rizzen's own account of his torment at the hands of Mortegro. (Word document)
    Bloodsong by Rizzen - (contemplative/moody) The Prince is not one to be underestimated... or sterotyped...


    Healing Touch by Syrielle - (yaoi/lemon) How did Rizzen recover from Diana's raping?
    Obsession by Alexis - (yaoi/lemon) Dez 'tests' Rizzen's convictions.

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