AO: The One, The combination of all


  • Promenthas: God of the Sun - Symbol: Unicorn
    Represents-Goodness, Charity, Faith, Mercy, Patience, and Law
  • Evern: Goddess of Healers - Symbol: Rose
    Represents- Mercy, Charity, and Faith
  • Akasha: Goddess of the Earth & Nature - Symbol: Earth
    Represents- Patience, Law, Reality
  • Luna and Selune: Goddesses of the Moon - Symbol: Twin Moons
    Represents: Charity, Patience, Law
  • Sond: God of Waters - Symbol: Crested Wave
    Represents: Law, Faith, Mercy
  • Astrielle: Goddess of Love & Beauty - Symbol: Mirror
    Represents: Faith, Goodness, Reality


  • Quar: God of Law and Balances - Symbol: Balances
    Represents: Reality, Law, and Intolerance
  • Tylene: Goddess of Luck and Chance - Symbol: 4-leaf Clover
    Represents: Faith, Chaos, and Charity
  • Myrran: God of Magic - Symbol: Infinity
    Represents: Patience, Law, Reality
  • Akhran: God of Wanderers - Symbol: Winged Boot
    Represents: Faith, Patience, Greed
  • Kharmani: Goddess of Wealth & Prosperity (Benario's twin)- Symbol: Cornucopia
    Represents: Faith, Mercy, and Charity
  • Landis: God of Knowledge and Bards - Symbol: Open Book
    Represents: Reality, Mercy and Impatience


  • Zhakrin: God of Cruelty - Symbol: Rising Claw
    Represents: Evil, Intolerance, Chaos, Greed, Reality, and Impatience
  • Tara-kan: God of Death - Symbol: Flaming Skull
    Represents: Reality, Intolerance, and Greed
  • Hurishta: Goddess of Night - Symbol: Black Cloak
    Represents: Faith, Chaos, and Impatience
  • Benario: God of Thieves (Kharmani's twin) - Symbol: Three coins
    Represents: Greed, Chaos, and Reality
  • Shistar: Goddess of War - Symbol: Crossed Blades
    Represents: Impatience, Faith, and Intolerance
  • Ramos: God of Pain - Symbol: Celtic Knot
    Represents: Evil, Faith and Reality

  • DIOS: The Null Star or Void, absence of all

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