Hero Logs: Part 4

The group determined to use Catlinís powers to locate the beleaguered Rizzen, which she gladly did. It was discovered that he was in Mallandaria and NOT in the presence of Mortegro! Somebody else had hold of him through the black wizardís own control collar. Taloria Starhaven, Larkidís betrothed used her powers as a Spellsinger to open a gateway into Mallandaria.

Once they got there the group split up into two teams to search for signs of Rizzen. Dez slipped off on his own to look. Though their description of Rizzen was rather vague, the people of Mallandaria seemed to know whom they were referring to. Many of the people responding by telling of a Prince or noble that they have seen walking around with a young child and a wizard. This Ďprinceí was apparently so beautiful that he was capable of halting time wherever he went, as everyone just seemed to stop what he or she was doing. They got this general impression so many times from people that Birendra just decided to eagerly look out for the most handsome man in the city besides Dezaryn.

Dezaryn however had a different approach. The moment he set foot in the place, he felt two odd tingles. One was a stir in his dark blood that proved the presence of a dampyreÖ one he hadnít seen in a long time. The other was a pull in his soul so strong and familiar that it couldnít be mistaken for anything but the soul-link of his twin. He followed it to one of the larger inns in the city. There he came face to face with his twin brother, who did indeed look a lot like him, but his pure Avariel blood was evident. Dressed royally in exquisite robes, Rizzen truly seemed as the legends claimed.

Rizzen at first refused to believe that the twin he loved more than any in the world had returned for him after all those years. But after facing facts (happily!) he explained the situation and his helplessness with the collar around his neck. Dez assured him that he would get him out of there as soon as he possibly could. When Rizzenís captor started to return, Dez hid in his brotherís room and saw his old mentor, DalMaon, enter the room he was just standing before. Outraged by the treatment that Rizzen was undergoing, he slipped outside to find the others.

The group gathered together right before the great Library of Mallan. Dez informed them that he found Rizzen, Larkid came with the alarming news that the child Catlin had teleported into the city to help Rizzen herself. They all spread out to try and find her. Chander caught sight of the child running through the streets and gated near her. Dion turned into a tiger and roared to get the crowds out of the way. Groaning at this tactic, Birendra headed towards the child just as Rizzen, DalMaon and Leona was walking out of the inn. Catlin called out to Rizzen, which got his attention immediately, and he started towards her. Dez felt a sense of danger and saw a flash of light go past, striking Catlin. The child fell back into Chanderís arms and he couldnít heal the wound. Dez caught a glimpse of Argon from the alleyways.

Catlin tried to explain that her powers as a Keyholder had bound her to her promise to set Rizzen free. When she realized it, she came to do as she said. A horrified Rizzen watched as her bloodied hand broke the seal on his collar and she passed away. Rage combined with pain, as the Avarielís powers were unlocked for the first time. Argon had other plans though, and as the Amazons rode in to wreck havoc on the city, he was trying to re-capture Rizzen.

Rizzen however, was thousands of times more powerful than anyone imagined. And his fury at young Catlinís death was causing natural disasters. Dezaryn could feel his twinís turmoil and, as he too saw Catlinís death as needless, decided to send all the vengeance of hell on the Amazons. He started calling up demons, which summoned Calesta and several others. Their orders? Wipe the Amazons off the face of the earth and kill Argon, if they saw him, with utmost prejudice. Add to this a Calvary of Unicorn Knights and a very upset Druid Council, and Mallandaria was in the throes of total chaos.

A huge fight broke out between the Amazons, the demons, and an Umber Hulk. Dezaryn went to join the battle, discovering another dark power in the process. The ability to call up the powerful black demon armor at will. Meanwhile, Larkid was pulling his companions out of the choking fog that DalMaon used as an escape route. Seeing the situation spiral out of control, he mentally called Taloria to open a gateway out of there, which she did immediately.

A magical overload built up as the Druid power clashed with Spellsinger abilities mixing with demonic magic and mage spells, all overwhelmed by an out of control Avariel who was after Argon. The gate that opened warped and started sucking everyone inside. Even Rizzen was unable to stop the gate from pulling him and everyone else in the group inside.

Where shall you go?

Rizzen, Dezaryn, and Birendra

Chander, Dion, Malleus, Izcer, and Flip

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