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So you want to join the ranks of legends and emerse yourself into the ever growing web of intrique? Let me introduce you to this world. AoA is a world and story of my own devising. The rules are loosely based on AD&D, but modified to fit what I call structured freeform. There are not a lot of dice rolls used, only when there must be. We have char sheets but they are used as a guide only and not as a set-in-stone sheet. I have been known to allow things that normally cannot be done, for the sake of good role-play. High-powered characters are not allowed in the beginning, most start at what would be 4th level. But with hard work and creativity, I am generous enough that you can see a change occurring. However if a high-powered character is desired and you can handle it, then you can apply for replacement or take over an NPC.

Let me explain the world a bit: Evalorain is a planet of my own creation, consisting of 5 major continents and 3 large islands. The majority of the game runs on Tartaris, the main land. However players have been in other areas. Anything considered above ordinary backgrounds might be someone whose family ties to another land. There are a multitude of possible races (just about anything can mate with a human or elf) and a wide variety of classes. It is possible to create a whole new class if the ones we have don't suit. However that is a special circumstance. I will outline a little bit about some of the most known of unusual races/classes. Just what would be considered common knowledge. These are common to Tartaris mostly, but do exist elsewhere.


  • Dampyres: Half-breed spawn of a vampire and an elf, though half-human ones have been known to exist. Rather dangerous, they cannot be killed by usual means. Because of their half mortal blood they can pass off as a normal person in almost any area, but tends to dwell amongst the upper echelon of society.
  • Centaurs: There is not much known about them except that there are two clans of them. The warrior-like, druidic Lyrae and the powerful, bardic Iezu.
  • Lycanthropes: There are three types. The werewolves, weretigers, and kitsune. The werewolves are followers of Akasha, the earth mother. The weretigers tend to follow the twins Luna and Selune and are eternal enemies of the Dampyres. The beautiful kitsune follow either or and are the most awe inspiring of the lycanthropic race.
  • Sanjiyan: Are a race of tri-cloptic beings that tend to possess an uncanny affinity for magical powers. Many of them later develop bizarre elemental abilities.

This is of course a drop in the bucket in possible races beyond the normal ones. As long as it's humanoid and not ridiculous, then it most likely will get approved. But be aware that with each new race comes a background and consequences to play something other than a normal person. For information on the classes, go HERE.

This game is long term and thus requires players who have a lot of maturity and creativity. That means NO one or two line posts EVER, and no assuming that what you said will automatically work. Story-like posts filled with thoughtful ponderings are welcome for it means you are getting into the heart of your creation. A short cop out doesn't make it fun. We accept evil villians as well as heroes, and trust me its a lot of fun seeing the heroic players deal with calculating, wicked players or even more malicious peers. Be aware that this game requires an adult mind. Swearing happens, some characters have had to deal with Succubi, one character has women AND men doting over him!

If you need an idea of what type of characters you are capable of creating, then check out the heroes and villians pages. There you will see a listing of all characters currently in the game, the varied races and classes. Also pay attention to names. I would like original sounding names. No single words like Shadow or the like and nothing that cannot be pronounced! ;)

It has been running since August 1996 and will continue on for as long as there are fun-loving, respectful players to roam its lands. Powergamers and munchkins will meet a grizzly end without remorse. Dedication and hard work is what defines and molds a character here. You only get what you worked for.

Once you have gained a solid idea of what you would like to play, then take a copy of the Character Sheet. Only fill out what you know. You do not need to get technical at all as this is a guide only and not a set-in-stone sheet. Use Irony's Dice Server for the rolls, be aware that there are seven stats NOT six! The comliness stat will affect your charisma!

AoA is not played like most PBeM games, it's pseudo free form. The game runs from my main address for the most part. But if the players are moving faster than normal, then I'll start posting out from my work address. Character sheets are skeletal because its used as a guide only. There are no definable levels or experience points in the game. You gain power and knowledge by attempting to do things on the fly. If it worked, then you just got stronger. Starting players are always what could be defined as 4thlevel.

Here's an example of what I mean: A wizard with few spells decides he wants to cast new ones. Since getting spell scrolls are expensive and convincing someone to train him is almost impossible, the wizard decides to make up his own spell. After preparing for days, he then calls out in the language of magic in an attempt to force the web of power to react to his will. After a few moments, lightning cracks across the sky and turns the sunny day into a downpour. He just gained the power to change the weather... now he has to go through the trouble of refining it. This does not mean he can always cast this spell, because if he didn't pay attention to what he did to get it he may never figure out how to re-cast it. Simple requests are usually given and the Gods are always listening... clerics remember that. ;)

But you see what I mean? Same thing for a warrior. Someone used to using a sword gets it broken in combat. Not having a choice he picks up the ax nearby and starts swinging it. While it feels all wrong in his hands, he is an accomplished fighter and adapts with each new swing. By the end of the battle he finds himself still alive and the ax doesn't feel so foreign anymore.

Just try stuff. Think of this as an elaborate Final Fantasy game. Get into as much as you can. Its always a kicker trying to get out again. If you have further questions, just email me... I like thinking players that actually ask.

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