Time Travellers

Dezaryn, Rizzen, and Birendra found themselves lying in the middle of a strange black street with white and yellow lines. Confused as they were, both twins felt as if they should know this place. They felt even stronger than before and comforted as if they had returned to someplace that was lost to them. Dez was the first to figure out that they had somehow gone back in time and landed in the doomed city of Nestral.

Dezaryn chased down a hover car that was driving down the street and they met a Psi trainee named Casey Callotta. Rizzen (who looked exactly like the Avariel that the people there worshipped) instantly awed Casey. It didn’t take the streetwise Casey too long figure out that they weren’t from around there but he decided to help them out anyway. He took them to meet his best friend and semi-lover, Jason Ayuichi, a powerful alpha technomancer capable of manipulating machinery and renown as the famed 'Puppet Master' Ayu. Together they dragged it out of them that they were from the future and had to get back as soon as possible.

Casey called on his cousin Lanina to train Rizzen in the use of his powers while Dezaryn and Birendra signed up to become Sentinels, general police of the city. The Nestralians taught the two in the use of the hovercars and bikes, as well as how to use the powerful weaponry of the time. Rizzen turned out to be an Alpha Nanomancer; one of the very rare Avariels who has almost God-like ability, possessing nearly every type of power known… with very few exceptions, as well as the tendency to develop new powers later.

As the days wore on, Rizzen became increasingly restless and his attention was being pulled by an aerial city called Tiphanis, which was the rumored home of the Avariel. Later on Casey came with news that the Magister of Nestral, Rama Zeni, had just gave up her position and took all the Neo Druids with her. There was going to be a ball in which Zeni will attend for the last time as Magister.

The group determined to go to this ball as Lanina was a druid and would find out what she could from Zeni. There, Rizzen made his decision to go with the Avariels when they left the ball, back to Tiphanis and learn what his birthright really was. Lanina returned with some disturbing news: the Queen was going to use a massive mind-web to ensnare the populace of Nestral. In essence making herself into the next Magister. Zeni had opposed this, saying she was taking away the free will of the people and quit. Grimly, they all knew that this was Nestral’s first strike of doom.

Days later a civil war broke out as the news of the mind-web got out. Those opposing it left to join Zeni in the Peligar Gardens and the rest remained in the city. Rama Zeni had a disturbing dream in which the city would be destroyed if she did not get Queen Allanna out of power. Banding together, her supporters aided her in protecting the people who opposed the Queen from the web. Only they would be able to move freely without the Queen knowing about it.

After a few days of planning, the battle against the Queen was on. Dezaryn and Birendra joined a small band of rebels headed by Zeni and they infiltrated the Palace with the aide of a few Avariels. Everything went well until they got to the throne room. Queen Allanna, the most powerful Avariel known was far above their abilities to take. It was a disaster and many of the rebellion were killed. Those that did not die were reduced to the mentality of a vegetable. The situation was critical indeed and Birendra was very worried that they wouldn’t get out alive. The Queen sent out a call for her servants to come to her aide, and who should show up but Rizzen!

Rizzen had vastly changed in the weeks that he was gone. His aura was so strong that he pushed away anyone near the door and his very presence was overwhelming. He took one look at the situation, saw his beloved twin stuck in the middle if it, and joined with Zeni against the Queen. Though he had no idea what was going on, if his brother was in it, then their side must be the right one. Rizzen’s power was dangerously close to that of the Queen herself! And coupled with Rama Zeni, they halted the Queen’s attack and got everyone out that was still alive.

They fled back to the Gardens to recover and Rizzen was told about the situation. Having failed to oust the Queen, things were even worse than before. A manhunt was out for any members of the rebellion and only Dezaryn, Casey, and Birendra had enough street sense to move about without getting caught. The Peligars was under siege, but Rizzen stayed to maintain the force field over it, the few Avariel on Zeni’s side supported him and worked with the refugees of the City who was begging to break out of the web.

A few days later, meteors from the heavens began to pummel the outskirts of Nestral, setting vast areas on fire. The Neo Druids would leave to try and quell the fires, but there were too many of them to be controlled. Zeni grimly began the evacuation of the rebels. She sent Jason deep into the gardens with three metal boxes to be buried. Of the Avariels only two, the next Cadre pair due for childbirth, decided to leave. One was the second-in-command of the Neo Druids.

In only a short time, the city was ringed in flames that was moving inwards and making the air within impossible to breath. It was getting too bad for even the Neo Druids to control and eventually Rama Zeni herself started to go out to help. Almost immediately she and her supporters were under attack and at that point Rizzen gave up his post as the protector of the Peligar Garden. That very day Zeni was captured, dragged before the Queen, and sentenced to banishment in the void. As soon as he heard this, Rizzen firmly declared it was time to GO.

Using his vast powers, Rizzen, Dezaryn, and Birendra was pulled out of the city just as it exploded. Casey and Lanina stowed away and were transported 1,000 years into the future… long after the destruction of everything they had known.

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