The Neutral Ones

Makare: Half-Elven Hitokiri- Living her life as one of the church-created 'Soulflayers', her hands capable of bringing the final slumber to anything living or dead, Makare has a very jaded view of life and everything in it. Her heart is almost quietly innocent and yet she can be the most coldly lethal individual when needed. She views all of life as so very transient and nothing will last. She's afraid to truly open up because of her hands of death. Yet... she secretly wishes that somehow, someway... she would be proven wrong.

Theme Song: "Numb" by Linkin Park
Quotables! "Have faith in me... I haven't failed yet."

Tsugath: Wild-elf Serpentis Warrior - One of the wildest, most vicious and cunning of the followers of Amarth he was once determined to be the one to arise the sleeping Serpent out of its prison, to cleanse the world of all things living. But after his extended stay with Sylene and the beautiful Avariel known as Rizzen, his singluar way of thought has changed. Still wanting to be the one to catch the shadow serpent, his use of it is no longer clear.

Theme Song: "Enter Sandman" by Metallica
Quotables! "I fix!"

Ran Amarth: Repsilon Kensai - Shadow stalker... a man with seemingly no past or none that he wishes to speak of. An enigma that passes through like a poison wind, afflicting all that see him with a nameless dread. No one can begin to guess the motives of this strange warrior, nor why he seems adamant about sticking near the Amazon, Kitara. But despite his oddly strict code of honor, a whisper of death follows in his silent footsteps... leaving an icy kiss of oblivion.

Theme Song: "Until it Sleeps" by Metallica
Quotables! Puts his finger to his lips, "Shhh..."

Lillith: Cross-breed Imp - The demonic power of Kalten, the sadistic blood-lust of the enigmatic Adonai, the tactical mastery of the Maralith Sadira, and the sexual implusiveness and versitility of Calesta... all tempered by a fragile human soul. Lillith is a powerful experiment gone wrong, uncontrolled by the forces of darkness because of her human mother's dying wish. Possessing a will and power beyond even her understanding, Lillith damns her cursed birth... yet uses it to her own advantage. And right now, the wild child of devils loves nothing better than showing 'Daddy Kalten' what the true hell really is!

Theme Song: "Freewill" by Rush
Quotables! "Oops!"

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