The Peligar Forest

One hundred years after the fall of Nestral, the world lay in a state of darkness. The ashes of the great city has plunged the whole continent into enternal night. Death abounded as all nations, having lost the ease of technology turned to barbarianism to survive. They were divided into weakened city-states that were little more than large cluster villages. Magic was rampant over the once beautiful Peligar Forest, wilding spewing forth creatures too twisted to tell if they were once people or known animals. The masses were ravaged day by day and they fought a desperate battle against the horrors that would find its way out of the depths of that place. Evenutally the people began to curse the forest for all their ills. Their fears wrapped around it as did their hatred. It was the manifestation of everything that had occured to them. It was the center point of the Avariel's power and for this they spat its name as a bane to all mankind.

In time, the Forest responded in kind for out of its depths came a beast liken to nothing that could be described. It was massive and its feet shook the earth, eight heads howled in a rage. Three tails to smash the ruins of the citys before it. It was cold as death, knowing no love nor care for any living thing and its breath reflected its frozen heart. The people named it Icing Death, and thus named it took over the continent of Tartaris.

Just when it seemed they would be forever locked into servitude, from the lands to the east came an explorer named Miro. Seeing the state of the continent, he vowed to aide them in slaying the dragon, claiming to possess the powers long thought lost with the Avariel's death. Taking with him a team of brave men, they stormed the dragon's lair and with their sacrifice, Miro managed to gain the treasure of the dwaven royal house; the Infinity Diamond. This was the most perfect gem ever to exist, and with it they fashioned a circlet of mithril bearing the diamond on its brow. This became known as the Ningannon, which means 'Focus of Power'.

Miro challenged Icing Death, wearing the Ningannon upon his brow. Their struggle ripped apart the lands of the west and the dragon's rage blasted Tyrsis into a swamp of blackend earth. His breath froze the lands, causing terrible damage but finally Miro's power tossed down the dragon from the sky and the impact forged a mountainous crevice that cut off much of the west. Miro sealed the dragon away and the people proclaimed him the first king. Peace and light came to Tartaris for the first time in so very long. Miro ruled for 30 years.

But Icing Death was furious and he battered against his prison. Miro soon learned that the monster was gathering power to break the gateway that held him. Seeing no other way, Miro knew that only the place that spawned the beast would hold the answer to its defeat. He strode into the forest alone and was gone for three months time. He emerged battered, mad with fever, and half-dead, but carrying in his stubborn grip seven medallions of sacred talumite. He had hidden the Ningannon somewhere in that damnable place and used the medallions to harden the seal over the dragon; empowering the spell with his own soul.

Thus Miro, the first king died a hero. In time the events that passed became a legend, then an old wives tale and the favored subject of bards that many will never believe.

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