Major NPCs

Calesta: Greater Succubus - A poisonous beauty, dangerously seductive, the demoness Calesta is Dezaryn's primary servant from the Abyss. Sent to him by Kalten when Dezaryn first used his powers as the Tenma-dono, she continued to serve him out of love even after his tranformation to an Avariel. Believing him to be the savior of all demons, she uses all er powers to help him take back the Abyss.

Reesha: Amazon Queen - Once the Mistress of Xea, an underground city of Amazons. Her dealings with the Iron Claw dwarves and ability to gather information has made her feared and sought after. Just how much she knows is anyone's guess, but she approached Mortegro with the idea of an alliance. She is a fickle woman, and her tastes in men are more than a bit odd. She found and employed Argon into her services, finding him to be darkly intriquing. She sealed a code of honor with him by willingly and fearlessly allowing him to feed from her on occasion. But now her eyes are on a new prize... Rizzen. His unearthly beauty holds her as tight as any spell and she's determined above all costs to get him back and his power.

Theme Song:"No Bad News" from The Wiz soundtrack.

Sadira: Greater Maralith - Argon's new General, the dangerously powerful Sadira serves the 'new' Tenma with malicious zeal. Rejoicing in her freedom from the bowels of Hell, she will carve her Lord's new kingdom out of the bodies of the so-called Righteous.

Ravellen Syr: Sanjiyan Ranger - The skilled commander of the Northern Rangers, Ravel works the information network like a spider's web. Many would kill to gather her private library, if they could find her at all.

Rantanis: Akuza Shaman - One of the few half -demons that live upon the surface world, Rantanis is the keeper of the gates to the Abyss. He cares not who the Tenma is, but will lead the welcome of his demonic brothern once the gates have been unlocked.

Lord Incir Greyshak: Human Shadowdancer - Once the partner and friend to Darque, their differences have drove them into the most deadly rivalry. Leader of the mysterious Bregan D'arthe (Shadowdancers) he works inside the heart of the continent's political system. Bidding his time until the day when the ties he had formed become too strong to break.

Olorian: Human Druid - Born of the lineage of Elbaryl, grandfather of the last keyholder, and leader of the Druidic Council, Olorian is an accomplished and respected Loremaster. Sturdy in power as an old oak, he will never rest as long as the struggle of ancients continue to threaten the earth.

Kalten Tedacc Alderac: Balor - King and Master of the Abyss, Kalten holds a vicious anger against the Gods and the Avariel. After his attempt to turn one of the angelic beings into a devil failed, he turned to a new prince to use his darkened powers. If they succeed in unlocking the gates of hell, he will watch as years of revenge is unleashed upon the populace.

Master Darque: Elf Bladesmaster - Once the Imperial weaponsmith in the city of Nestral, Darque witness the fall of the city of Angels. Wandering the world for hundreds of years, he later founded one of the greatest schools of fighting, the renown Blademasters.

Obsidian/Pearl Daggers of Darkness & Light - coming soon!

Kurenai: Avarien Spirit - coming soon!

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