Maybe it was simply a power trip. Dezaryn couldn't understand it himself. There was no name or voice to the need within him, no understandable reason as to why he stood here in this familiar place. waiting. The gardens of Caledonia Castle in Haven were huge and there were places that one could slip away and hide, even from the watchful eyes of the faithful Scarlet Guard. But then, Dez could decide not to be seen at will anyway.

He sensed the presence coming. like a moving ball of sunlight. Roving energy in slow motion and again he wondered why this had to be. Why was he doing this? But even as doubts fluttered at his mind, he was willing the presence to come nearer. A tiny twinge of guilt warred with the rush of his own ability to hold sway over something so powerful. No one else could do this. no one else would have dared. With simply a thought he could change or redirect such power as to lay all of Tartaris in confusion. No, he didn't want that. But still his will dominated and drew the presence to him unerringly.

A gentle rustle of plants and Rizzen silently appeared. He didn't seem at all surprised to know who summoned him here, not since this wasn't the first time. His aura radiated fiercely as usual, blazing with power unseen but felt as he always did. His clothing was exquisite; not unusual considering he was the King of Tartaris and that is what made this seem meeting at once wrong and wildly thrilling. Nothing needed to be said beyond the expectant fire in Dez's eyes. Rizzen blushed slightly, a shadow of shyness that still bespoke of an innocence within that wouldn't die out no matter how many times this happened. Yet there was also an answering spark in the silver eyes that flamed in understanding.

A smile curled Dezaryn's lips just a little at that and watched Rizzen lower his eyes almost in submission. Not really, but it was symbolic of an endless trust and acceptance. To a warrior as Dez was, taking your eyes off someone means you have no fear of harm from them. As always, Dezaryn's hand reached out and lifted his twin's head till they looked each other in the eye. They stood that way for a short time, then Dez drew his brother to him tightly and as usual Rizzen's lips tipped towards him, slightly parted.

He made him wait. Dezaryn could sense the tightly wound eagerness, barely tempered by an endless patience. Not enough. it wasn't enough yet. His thumb lightly outlined Rizzen's lower lip and tugged it back as his head shifted slightly to chase the digit. His hand traced along his twin's back, fluttering over the strong muscles that attached the black wings to his back. He felt Rizzen shudder lightly in his arms and shift his weight so that their bodies were pressed close together. Dez's hands continued their gentle roaming and his lips brushed warmly over his twin's neck.

Rizzen's patience was starting to crack. His eyes, half-lidded in total ecstasy gazed at nothing in particular. Dezaryn wasn't about to give him relief however. His hands moved downwards and as they did he could sense Rizzen's mind following, his body alight with the touch. They moved near but not touching what Rizzen wanted them to, tracing circles on his thigh. The surge of frustration through the soul link brought a wicked smile to Dez's lips and his hand moved upwards to his twin's chest, touching but not anything he wanted. Rizzen whimpered softly in protest and shifted again, trying to move himself into the teasing hands' path. But every time, they moved away again leaving his heated body unforefilled. Rizzen's hands grasped hold of his brother's tunic, and Dez could feel the intense desperation.

Almost there. he was almost there.

The experienced perhaps could have rolled with this or even turned it around so that the other would blaze as much as they. But Rizzen, innocent Rizzen, was helplessly lost in flames he couldn't control. Enthralled and being driven wild, his entire body demanding release but not finding it. Dezaryn was a musician whose mastery tugged the harp strings of his twin's body until it vibrated its own song of lust. He bent near and again Rizzen eagerly waited for the kiss that never came. They hovered so near each other. so close and yet not close enough. Dezaryn was poised to drown his brother in the fire of the contact he was so craving now. but no.

::Atrius.:: Rizzen's voice filtered down thick with a frantic longing. Pleading with a single word, powerless against it.

Not enough.

::Say it.:: Dezaryn's voice answered calmly.

Rizzen blushed again, looking at his twin with undisguised need. He gave in to the tidal wave of desire, he had no other choice. ::Take me. please Atrius!::

Dezaryn pulled Rizzen down to the ground locked in a passionate kiss. He unleashed the gates of his own lust and both their clothes were gone in less than an eyeblink. He pushed him back until his brother was outlined the midnight darkness of his own wings and hair. How fitting. how very fitting. Dezaryn toyed with him until Rizzen was in a wanton frenzy, unable to stop himself and not wanting to. That was it. he watched his beautiful twin fall and drown in the seas of passion. Innocence. no, he couldn't afford that here. It was beyond that, beyond any thoughts.

Dezaryn took him solidly; chasing the light of his twin's golden heart. This gorgeous being, outlined in darkness. the same color that hammered at Dez's spirit, tempting him endlessly. But nothing could shatter it. even as Rizzen gasped in pleasure and his hips rose to meet him in frantic collision, he only shone brighter. Briefly, Dezaryn knew that Rizzen would return to being who he was just the same afterwards, the same fragile purity of spirit that was filled with unrelenting light. There were no shades of gray in him. Rizzen was only light and soon Dezaryn was caught up in that light, unable to break free from the intensity. His own wings flared out in snowy white as if the radiance within the being beneath him had called to them. Their shared souls vibrated in a rapture that spiraled out of control!

Rizzen let out a joyous cry and his back arched up from the ground. Dezaryn bit his lip as the feverish rush of his twin's release triggered his own. Desperately he thrust only faster even as his mind threatened to shut down, unable to control the fury of the double climax. It didn't seem like it would end. This blinding light, their souls set afire.

::Rizzen... I... can't.:: it was too much to take at once. But just as it seemed he would fall unconscious, Rizzen grasped him tightly and kissed him lovingly. Dezaryn gave one final thrust and it finally ended. He collapsed into his brother's arms, which held him tightly, comfortingly. He was cushioned in darkness and covered in light.

This was the way it always ended. Filled with guilt he couldn't look his twin in the eye. Not while knowing that he had been testing the limits of Rizzen's boundless goodness. But somehow he guessed Rizzen already knew that. and he came here anyway. Briefly he wondered what would he do if ever his test failed? Would the horror that he had possibly damaged that goodness within finally drive him mad?

It wouldn't happen. For him, Rizzen will never fall.

This was why Dezaryn had an obsession with doing this. Somehow all the confusion left afterwards. It was a connection he so needed. No matter what threatened him, his twin would be there to guide him back to light. He lay there, comfortable and finally lifted his head to gaze at Rizzen's sleepy eyes.

No words needed to be said. But then with them, did it ever need to be?

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