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Cast of Characters


    Rizzen: The Prince of Tartaris, Alpha Nanomancer of AoA
    Dezaryn: Atrius Delarian a.k.a. 'The Warrior Angel'
    Twins: Both twins together in companionable relaxation.
    Casey Callotta: The 'Phoenix' of AoA. Rizzen's Official martial artist bodyguard and part time lover as well as Valan's mate.
    Birendra Caston: Human Blademaster, mistress of disguise, bane of the political and upper echelon of society. Most known by her code name, Lady Scarlet.
    Valan: Cat-elf Ex-gladiator and Alpha panther.


    Lillith: The Cross-bred demoness born of a mortal mother. Sensual, intelligent and wicked but very human to the core.
    Makare Valzain: Half-Elven Hitokiri and one of the church-created 'Soulflayers'.
    Jason Ayuichi: Alpha Technomancer and the famous 'Body Hacker' of Nestral.
    Ran Amarth: The game's famous half-dragon/half-amazon heritage Kensai warrior. Still bearing on his body the dragon markings of his father and now, the black markings of his incredible shadow power.


    Kharlon: A young unicorn by celestial standards, he was captured by Benares and turned into a powerful Nightmare.
    Valasar: The extremely charismatic and intelligent leader of the Diablo Knights.
    Diana: The beautiful, doll-like dampyre rune mage crafted out of Argon's blood.
    Setanos: Highest ranking, blood-thirsty Daemon lord and his 'croonies' Nybras and Havoc.

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