The Rift

Nearly a thousand years before this time, our land was known as Avalon and there existed a peace here known as the Age of Dreams. In this time all races had risen above the ignorances of suspicion and doubt, transforming their knowledge into comforts we can only guess at. These were the days of technology, a term since lost in the later years, but one which turned cities into nations of great power.

The greatest of all these city-states was Nestral; called the city of Immortals. It was here that the powerful Druid Council first began and flourished, tapping into the flow of the earth enough to manipulate nature itself. This was a city where knowledge was power and theirs extended out so far as to find the greatest and most unlimited source of pure energy. The Nestralians began to change with the discovery of this new power, becoming a new race of beings with a beauty and essence believed to be equal of Gods.

This was their undoing. Their arrogance and success drew hundreds of thousands to the city until she swelled outwards; absorbing the smaller cities into itself. A great mindlink known as the Unison began to form. The Nestralians declared that they would unite all beings under the Unison mind and rise above the races of all nations; casting down the Gods for they no longer had anything to learn from them.

The warnings went unheeded and the Gods openned the Rift of Power, flooding all who had touched this forbidden energy and they became as Gods at last... then the city folded in on itself under the strain and Nestral was destroyed in a firestorm. With her death all of nature was damaged and it wrecked chaos all over Avalon. In the matter of a day, Avalon the beautiful was plunged into darkness, becoming Tartaris the Dark Hell.

Most people never remember that tale. That was a long time ago and times are what is deemed normal now. All of Nestral is gone and her inhabitants destroyed, or so it tis believed. But any who dare venture into the Peligars to the north will find where the city once stood, and they can feel the damage that she wrecked for it exists there still to this day. If you talked to the Prophets, they will say that all of Nestral is not gone. They believe that her bloodline still flows among us all. Hidden and asleep; waiting for the time to rise.

Woe to us all if they are right.

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