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There have been many speculations as to what exactly does the super-powered Avariel named Rizzen look like. With his frequent description as being "beautiful" popping up often enough, its had some of the players of the game scrambling to find a suitable picture for this man who could be nothing less than an Adonis.

Once again, Birendra's player has come up with another surprise. As an avid lover of Japanese animation (much like myself ^_^), she figured (correctly) that Rizzen would have to be a true Bishonen. For those of you not used to japanese anime, bishonen literally means "beautiful man". Often given to those above and beyond what would be considered just handsome. And its always given to a character who has a slightly feminine appearance (go figure, they just are).

Anyway, I digress. Brien, has informed me she thinks Rizzen is a dead ringer for Marron Glace of Sorcerer Hunters (even if that particular character doesn't have Rizzen's famous black wings) and sent me several pictures to illustrate. Well I was certainly impressed with the resemblance. I showed them to Rizzen's player who laughed and shook his head, but said "They'll do. It's close enough."

So here you are, thanks to Birendra's player, the first glimpse of an anime character turned Rizzen. At least unless we come up with an even better one.

  • Captured! A glimpse of poor Rizzen's days as Mortegro's 'guest'.
  • Bath House Ahem... where did you come up with THIS Brien?? ;)
  • Why me? I can just hear him say that. Not sure if he's sweating or someone dumped him with water.
  • Talking Hmm, not sure if he's waving or gesturing here.
  • Sigh... This HAS to be him dealing with Dezaryn! :D
  • Forlorn Awww... he looks kinda lonely here. yeah, I can see this as being Rizzen.

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