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Bleh. :P As most of you know, I used to be horribly addicted to the game called the Sims. And after countless searches for just the right face, or item, or whatever... I was busy building Tartaris in a Sims neighborhood. Luckily its about done. I don't know if I'll ever get back to this though. :D

BUT take a look around!

Castle Caledonia

Doesn't Dez look spiffy? Dressed to impress as always. Plush isn't it? Lots of stuff for the twins to get into here. Full of plants and lots of light, as they hate swimming in the dark I've noticed. Now which do you think was responsible for this love hotel looking decor? But there are TWO beds folks... none of that now. ;P Notice Rizzen's desk in the back? And yes that is a rug of Venus... ^^;;; Rizzen insisted on this beautiful gold and white bathroom. Very nice. :) Wow... lots of play stuff, a bookcase for Rizz... Dez HAD to have somewhere to work those muscles of his. ^_- Simple elegance, perfect for when the twins need to grab a bite. Or more so for Rizzen to cook it. This is where Dez secretly (?) waits on Calesta. ;P There is a bed in here. That tapestry over there by the bed is called the Garden of Delights. Wonder why... Nice statue of Astrielle (Aphrodite) ne? The Twins discuss the good Tartaris weather while playing pool. They get along very well in the castle. Both twins in a hot tub??? WOW! Actually it was VERY hard keeping Dez IN the tub to take this shot. He kept getting out while I was trying to catch them both in it. He didn't want to be caught anyplace with Rizzen while wearing matching pinkish lavender swimming briefs. ;D Close enough. He only agreed to it because Rizzen promised to stay on the other side of the tub... Rizzen watches a teary-eyed romance while Dezaryn plays some beautiful music on the grand piano. I think that just added to the ambiance, don't you? Rizzen talks to Lady Soraya who had come to visit while Orius eats the dinner Rizzen has prepared. *LOL* A very frustrated Dez tries to fix the dishwasher. Rizzen is just calmly eating and watching him. Rizzen cooks, he's no good with a hammer. Dez eventually got fed-up and called the repair man. :D

Next Stop, Castle Finality!!

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