Healing Touch

It was late at night and the sounds of the victory party was still going on in full swing. Not that it was a bad thing for many of them needed that joyous celebration. True enough that they had just returned from a crusade into the caverns near the White Foal River, and yes they did indeed destroy a lot of evil… but to some that wasn’t enough.

Dezaryn stood like a statue in the shadows near the palace’s large bath. He had been here a while… thinking. While it had been a victory, it wasn’t exactly forefilling to him. Diana had gotten away and with her the opportunity to correct a terrible deed.

His eyes slowly turned from the empty darkness to the light beyond the side panels. The servants often used these spots to wait on the nobility here as they took their baths. Dez had come this way in an attempt to avoid everyone. He really wasn’t in the mood for partying just yet and all he wanted was a bath and his bed. But Rizzen had beaten him here.

Dez watched his twin a while, laying motionless in the shallow end of the pool-like bath, head on his arms and resting almost lifeless against the tiled edge. He’d been sitting like that a long while. His wet hair splayed about his broad back, which for once didn’t display the grand wings typical of his race. He looked shattered.

Dezaryn once again tried to will himself to move, but as the other half dozen times he had attempted it… his muscles didn’t listen. So he stood there, watching this being so like and unlike himself, laying like a broken toy in the steaming water. He really wished he could find something to tell him. Something witty or smart… something that usually came so easily to him. His tongue could be sharper than a talumite blade when he wanted it to be. Well, normally it could. Now however it just seemed as if nothing would come to him. Part of him wanted to go over and berate the solemn figure for being a wimp about it. So a woman (and a damn gorgeous one at that!) decided to sneak up in the middle of the night and take him in a wild frenzy of passion. Hell, he could only wish that would happen to him! A slight twinge of jealously darkened his already dark mood. But then just as soon as it came, it vanished in an uncomfortable wave.

Rizzen had been raped. There was no way around word, no way to somehow displace it or re-name it. They were two sides of the same soul, polar opposites and yet and undeniably whole. He was forced back to the reality of his own rage that someone would dare do this. Throughout their reunion Rizzen had been a gentle, innocent light. A comforting calm to his powerful, burning spirit. Now… the link felt so hollow. Something had been taken that wasn’t theirs to have.

This felt so wrong.

Dezaryn wanted to move, to leave, and to just forget for a time. But seeing his brother like that was holding him in place. His ‘little’ brother Rizzen… his other half… his soul. So damn powerful and yet fragile as glass. But what Rizzen wasn’t, Dezaryn definitely was. He had lead a crusade against Diana, fought a glorious battle and had the whole city cheering their heroic deeds against evil. Somewhere in that fever of battle, the point of the march was lost. They fought demons and undead, found forgotten treasures and ransacked an old shrine but behind the adrenaline rush was a much simpler request.

An answer. Rizzen wanted to know why this happened, just like a child beaten would want to know what they did wrong. Dezaryn knew painfully that no amount of partying would answer that question, or the nagging fact that he had failed to catch her. Diana had done something beyond horrible and he had let her get away.

Rizzen stirred suddenly. Perhaps drawn by the intensity of Dez’s gaze, or else reacting to the turmoil in his twin’s soul. He had always been maddeningly sensitive. His eyes shifted in the direction that Dezaryn was standing, curiosity on his face. With a sigh Dez walked out from under the shadows, forced to face his brother and not sure if he was ready to. Luckily Rizzen didn’t question why his twin was standing there all this time. But then again, he wouldn’t. Rizzen almost never questioned anything that Dez did.

A mixture of things raged inside. It was a pressure that he never before knew... or that he didn’t remember until recently. Sometimes Dez wanted to shake him and demand to know why he was so compliant when it came to anything he said. A normal person would ask about almost everything, look at him with suspicion and only later on decide to trust in his word. Rizzen skipped past all that and merely went along with everything simply because his brother said so.

Unconditional love... it was a concept that Dezaryn wasn’t used to handling. For 100 years he had dealt with people from every walk of life and every end of the moral spectrum. That this infuriating person would look on him with such complete and eternal trust...

“You staying in here all day?” Dez’s voice sounded weird to him. In the silent room, even with its smooth sound of eternally mobile water, it seemed too loud.

“Its comforting here.” Rizzen answered and shifted a bit. “I don’t feel like partying.”

Dez could understand that. “I didn’t either. I was going to take a bath...” His voice trailed off at how ridiculous that was. Rizzen needed this and here he was about to kick him out of it.

“Shall I leave?”

The question made Dez cringe inside. As dark as his mood was, he nearly wanted to tell him to quit hogging the bath. But that would make him feel ten times worse. Rizzen didn’t deserve that. He needed his brother’s support more than any other time in his life now. Dezaryn finally shook his head. “The bath’s big enough, you just relax.”

Rizzen nodded absently and Dez, not knowing what in all Gods’ name made him say that, quickly stripped down and moved a few feet away before emersing himself in the heated waters. It did feel wonderful. Like a warm massage bent on carrying away his problems. But nothing was that easy as his gaze fell once again on his brother’s form.

::You okay, Rizz?:: opting for direct contact seemed better at this point than the clumsiness of speech.


Dezaryn winced. Well at least he was being honest about it. Not that it made anything any easier. ::You’ll be ok.:: even though Dez himself wasn’t sure this time.

Rizzen was quiet a while. ::The worst thing is, I don’t even remember what happened. There is nothing there but a blank space where my memory should be. You’ve always said that it was something... well, good... but how can I judge it if I don’t even know what it was like? All I know is that I was attacked and we did... something, but for me there is nothing. ::

Dez felt a mild irritation creep over him. Rizzen was always hunted after, that was a fact of life. Just so happened that one bold female decided she didn’t want to wait! Dez glanced down at himself. He had always been proud of his body, as any man should. The waters lapped against the perfect muscles, deep chiseled from years of battle. It was a body that never failed him when it came to females, there was no reason in hell he shouldn’t be a tad arrogant about it.

His gaze strayed over to Rizzen and he frowned slightly. Mirror image of himself, if not as deeply defined as he was. Rizzen had a slightly leaner form with skin so perfect as to be an unbroken sheet of creamy white. While Dez’s hair was cropped short by preference, Rizzen’s was allowed to grow into a silky, waist-length waterfall of blue-black night that any female would kill to have. Ruefully, Dez had to admit that Rizzen was... beautiful. Not a word often associated with a man and one that made him look away, suddenly squeamish even if it didn’t stop his thoughts from running.

He and Rizzen were one and the same, yet different. The change was a subtle one yet there all the same. If Rizzen was beautiful, what was he? If he was Gods’ gift to women, what was Rizz? This train of thought was giving Dez a headache and he dismissed it quickly.

Rizzen let out a mournful sigh and it drew Dez’s eyes again. Suddenly annoyed he glared at his twin’s sprawled form. ::What’s wrong now? ::

Rizzen flinched at the angry tone coming through the link and he turned to look at his twin apologetically. Dez mentally cursed; face to face with his brother’s gentle eyes... damn. Rizzen truly was an innocent, anyone could see it in his face. He didn’t realize that the clash of emotions was playing on his face and it wasn’t until moments later that he caught Rizzen staring at him quizzically.

Dezaryn turned away again, his mood not improving at all. For the hundredth time he cursed himself for falling into Diana’s sweet act. All of this was so wrong! What Rizzen went through should have never happened.. NEVER! It wasn’t supposed to be viewed as a nightmare, it was pleasure dammit!

Something suddenly hit then. Rizzen didn’t remember. He would never know it was pleasure because that knowledge was taken from him in an unwanted attack. Dez glanced over at his brother, who was finally abandoning his broken toy stance and sitting up. Beautiful... his polished, mirror image. A being any woman would want. And he didn’t know...

Dez would never know later what it was that made him move. Maybe it was a sudden burst of madness or an insane notion of heroism. But a strange determination filled him and he got up and waded over to where Rizzen was sitting. He watched his brother turn and look at him in surprise, a simple wordless question in his silver eyes. Before his brain caught up with what it was he was doing, he had grabbed his twin and pulled him close in a tight embrace.

He was so warm, heated by the bath waters; his skin smooth as satin. Rizzen blinked speechless at this sudden movement. ::Niichan..?::

Dez could have laughed at the irony. For the first time ever, he had shocked his brother enough to force him to question. But right now that was null. He banished any hope of rational thinking about this, for if he did...

::Relax. Just trust me.::

It was almost like he had cast a spell. Immediately, though bewilderment was in his eyes, Rizzen did as he was told and remained still. Dezaryn took a good look at his brother’s face... his face, yet not. The one person who trusted him utterly, who believed without question. The one who would never abandon him, ever.

Unconditional love.

The kiss came full on the lips, without warning and Rizzen went stiff! Dezaryn had a fleecing touch of sanity that wondered why in the world he was doing this... and yet, somehow... it didn’t feel wrong. There was an odd calm within him and he didn’t break the kiss. Slowly he sensed his brother start to relax again. Tentatively almost shy, his twin was starting to return it. Soft... his lips were warm and soft. Dezaryn pressed slightly harder and he felt the tiny, nervous tremor go through. Almost reluctantly, he finally broke the lock.

Rizzen’s eyes were wide in wonder. But Dez didn’t feel like explaining it; mostly because he didn’t have an answer. He was being driven by something he couldn’t ignore. This was so unlike him and yet, with Rizzen... his beloved brother, this didn’t feel wrong. Idly Dezaryn wondered just how closely matched he was to his twin. Having had numerous years of experience, he knew what he liked done… he wondered.

Dez smoothly ignored the look on his brother’s face, concentrating elsewhere. He gently touched the small nipples on his muscled chest and felt Rizzen jolt in response. Ah, that answered that question. He trail his fingers over the crevices of his twin’s hardened form… so familiar, almost exact… back again to his nipples, but this time he gave them a soft pinch.

Rizzen shifted and Dez could sense an almost unbidden arousal starting to form and an echo of pleasure that hit his own body. An almost wicked glee filled Dez. This was for some strange reason, intensely erotic. Not wanting the intrusion of reason to enter his thoughts just yet, Dez bent down and kissed at his brother’s already sensitive chest. Rizzen shivered and Dez knew there was a thousand questions being held in. Not now. He didn’t want to answer just yet. He gave the nipples a gentle nip and heard the soft gasp forced out.

Something about this was so different from anything he ever experienced before. Every touch of pleasure he gave his twin echoed right back until Dez could feel his own arousal growing. It was as if he was making love to himself! The thought was unbelievable and sparked him to attempt other things. Keeping Rizzen preoccupied by another heated kiss Dez tested out every spot that he knew to be an eros zone on himself, amazed that his twin was reacting exactly as he would. The more he did, the more the pleasure rebounded between them both until Rizzen was trembling helplessly in his arms, flushed from it all and Dez himself was almost dangerously fired up.

Dezaryn knew he should be careful, Rizzen wasn’t used to anything remotely like this. But really at this point there was no turning back. He glanced at Rizz a moment, his twin… his soul. He felt a warmth inside that was far greater than any he had known. Something about this vulnerable, powerful being… this person who would never fault him, never doubt his word. Rizzen gave everything to him freely. Even now he wasn’t resisting out of an unbroken trust. Dezaryn never acknowledged until now just how much he cared about his brother. Through a century of pain and slavery, a time when Dezaryn’s memories of his past had been locked away thus sparing him from the loss, his twin had never failed to believe in his promise to return. Even though darkness threatened to swallow him up constantly and he was brutally tortured almost daily… he never gave up hope.

He loved his brother… wanted to love him. He pulled Rizzen in a closer embrace and this time the kiss was gentler, full of meaning. He shifted and pushed Rizzen back against the smooth tiles of the bath’s side, lifting him just slightly and amazed that he weighted very little. But then, since they were capable of flying it would make sense. Dez was in a prime position now, but he hesitated just a moment doubtfully as if questioning what he was about to do. Somehow it seemed necessary and the doubts vanished as he pushed upwards, spearing into his twin’s body.

And a shock wave of estacy hit him like a brick.

Rizzen’s stunned gasp came out simultaneously to his own! What the hell was that?? Dez froze for a moment, caught effectively in the tightness of his twin’s body. Entry had been easier than he thought, thanks to Rizzen’s sitting in the bath for hours. But that such intense pleasure could come from it… Why?

Bracing himself carefully, Dez slowly began to rock forward; adjusting to the virgin tightness around his manhood. The movement was insistent but slow at first, careful to pay close attention to any remote feelings of pain from his brother. The last thing in the world he wanted to do was hurt him.

Rizzen was no longer questioning anything. He held onto Dez’s strong shoulders with a look of supreme bliss on his face. That only encouraged Dez to move faster and his grip became tighter. Dezaryn gasped as the sensation of pleasure intensified quickly. Anything he felt, anything Rizzen felt was doubling back and multiplying right into their shared soul.

That was it… they were two bodies, but the soul was the same. What one felt the other felt. Since it was both of them now, the feeling skyrocketed into an passionate estacy beyond anything either had ever known. Dezaryn’s mind was in a haze. Gods above… this was unreal! He couldn’t stop himself now had he wanted to and the thrusts became harsher, nearly desperate. Rizzen’s breath had become erratic and his vise-like grip on Dez’s shoulders spoke of the otherworldly pleasure he was being subjected to. The sensation built up until Dezaryn knew they were both teetering on the edge, but no matter what he did, Dez couldn’t reach the end. Rizzen’s guttural moans were answered by Dez’s soft grunts. Still, they remained bordered on the edge of climax.

Through the haze of passion Dezaryn wondered why this was happening. As innocent as Rizzen is, he should have released by now. No… wait… Rizzen didn’t know! He never had one that he remembered, so he was holding back. Dezaryn snarled in frustration, the pressure of his swollen manhood and the fact that he could not get free.

Finally he couldn’t stand it. ::Rizzen please!::

The desperate plea must have been heard, for the sensation multiplied over again as Rizzen stopped fighting with it and let go. The duel climax slammed into them both, ripping a cry of intense passion out of them. The feeling sunk Dezaryn to his knees as his muscles gave out on him. They sank neck deep into the warm waters, which were now a bit too warm, shivering with shock. Dez just couldn’t believe the Gods would do this to him. The best sex of his entire life was with his own twin.

Dezaryn pulled out of Rizzen’s body a tad guiltily, once again faced with a question that he didn’t have the answer to. But Rizzen, Gods bless him, didn’t ask. He gazed at his twin with a serenity that seemed to understand what Dez himself couldn’t voice. Somehow Dezaryn had healed a wound that neither thought would ever close. They stared at each other for a long time. Silver eyes to silver eyes. Finally Rizzen gave one of his famous, radiant smiles.

::They’re going to think we drowned in here.:: his voice was almost playful.

Dezaryn groaned. Oh man, don’t have let anyone have seen this. If Dion finds out he’d have to kill him all over again. Rizzen laughed at the stricken look on his brother’s face. ::The party shouldn’t have ended yet. Shall we go?::

Dez smiled and started out of the water. :: Good idea. I think a celebration is definitely in order.::

Heh, no one would know just how true that was.

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