Name: Dezaryn

REAL name: Atrius Delarian ((Don't LET him tell you otherwise!!!!))

Age: 150 years ((and 3 minutes))

Height: 6'

Weight: Ano ^^;; you walk up to him and ask!

Class: Metapsi Bladesmaster

Current Comeliness Level: 30 ((*drool!!*))

Info: Okay, if you don't know who this guy is, you're either just starting in the game or blind and deaf! The 'eldest' of the twins and a totally kick ass fighter, Dez is pretty much considered a total playboy. He's been through a lot of shit though.

Let's explain this. When they were 10, demons killed their father and the monsters decided to ransack their house looking for the child ((notice CHILD, not children. They didn't know there was two!)). Atrius at 10, opened a can of whoop ass on them all with a iron frying pan until the smug leader of the pack threw down their father's torn wing. So he and his twin blew the place up. ((Shugotenshi no tsuin shuurai!!!)) Never make these two mad...

Anyway, Chibi-Atrius got dragged off to Tyrsis because its dark and gloomy and good people don't like going there. He was dropped off in an alleyway right in the path of some black wizard name DalMaon. Since the kid didn't have any memories, he took him as an apprentice, named him Dezaryn, and took him back to Infinity.

Okay, now Dez was very bright but headstrong as hell! He learned stuff from DalMaon but didn't follow his path. He became an Emerald Mage instead of Onyx. He charmed the most elite of nobles and got married at a young age. But Kalten Tedacc Alderac ((try saying that 10 times fast!)) Lord of Hell still had plans for the ambitious youth. Eventually Dez tried a summoning spell, which the Demon King used to get to him and he tainted Dez turning him into a Dampyre! ((Boooooo!! Hiss!!)) Poor Dez flipped out completely and ran home, slaughtering lots of people and ended up accidentally killing his wife. ((*sniffles poor Dez!*))

Well naturally that just unhinged the poor guy! He fled Infinity and went into torpor for a few years, but eventually the nightmares just had to go. So out comes Dezaryn the Dampyre and he over the span of nearly a century became what we know him to be now. Later, after an odd mission surrounding a 12 year old child with a key in her chest (Ouch!), and a succubus that's supposed to be his Demon Army general. Dez finds out that he's NOT a Dampyre and Kalten basically screwed him over BIG time, and the person everyone is trying to kill/capture/save is his twin. Oh and his mother's a tree.

Off to Mallandaria, BIG ass fight, Catlin dies (aww...) magic goes to hell because there were TOO many fucking magic-users and a half-insane Demi-God Avariel in the area and the group gets thrown into a vortex. Dez, his (then) girlfriend or whatever she was Birendra and his twin Rizzen gets drop kicked into Nestral. We meet Casey (WAI!!!!!) and his technomancer lover/mate Jason ((Ano... he was kinda weird. Casey can do way better than that. Stay with Valan, babe)) and the Neo-Druidess Somniomancer Lanina (*sniffles*) and Rama Zeni ((Now SHE was awesome!)) and the Super Bitch, Queen Allanna ((She needed to keep her damn hands OFF Rizzen!!)) etc... etc... lot of historical people.

Well our heroes get all caught up in the war that blew the city in the first place. Rizzen went to Tiphanis, Dez became a Sentinel with Brien ((like father like son huh?)) riding around either in Casey's fire red hover car ((I want that car!! That thing kicked ass!!)) or this totally sweet sky bike ((*drools* can you SEE it? Dez all in black leather and steel-toed boots and sunglasses with a supped up motorbike?? *gets the shivers from that!*)). History goes on, they get the hell out before the kaboom with two stowaways. Jason didn't make it... ((snickers)).

Okay, okay well more chaos happens. Dez flexes a bit and caved in Xea, almost destroying the whole Amazon nation (Narf!!! I know its wrong but that's funny! They shouldn't have been messing with his brother!) Blah, blah... more fights, more problems, all kinds of shit hitting ceiling fans so it can get blown all around and hit everyone in the face. Argon (who was probably wetting himself because Dez was chasing him) ran around and unleashed this unholy pillar of souls thing. Rizzen was going to be the tragic martyr and face it alone, Dez said.... heeeeeell no. ((Go Dez!!))

Dez becomes an Avariel again!! ((Whooo hoo! Bad ass Bishounen with *wings*!! )) We get a powered up version of the Twin Strike ((Shugotenshi no tsuin shuurai!!! Hehehe!)) which blew the castle/lands/part of the mountain/chucks of road out of existence. Big mucking crater. ((I did say not to piss those two off right??)) They go back to Haven where Dez decides to peg his brother the new king to be. ((Doh!)) And we find Calesta again...

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