Okay, curiosity seekers. You want to know where I spend my time when hanging out on the 'Net? Well, just paw through my bookmarks list and find out!

My Personal Pages

All About me for you nosey types.
Fantasia All about my role-playing adventures and characters
Age of Apocalypse (the email game I'm running)
Musashi's Shrine
The Anime Otakunizer (down for now)
Kawaiiest Guys of Anime
Guys of Anime Web Ring Bring the guys to the Web! Join my webring!

Java Stuff

JavaSoft Home Page
Java Tutorial
The Java Language
Black Coffee

Cool Stuff

Hollywood Online | MovieTunes
Japanese <-> English Dictionary Server
Tivao's Den!
Watchers Clan Page
Angelfire Studios
Valdemar's Heartstone: Mercedes Lackey
Jagonnath near the Forest: C.S. Friedman Tribute
The Quicktime Archive : 1329 quicktime Clips and Trailers from 351 movies
Welcome to Water and Leaves:the Way of Tea web site
YiKing - The Book of Changes


Anime Web Turnpike
Welcome to the Ultimate Animanga Archive
Anime and Manga Fan Fiction on the Net
Fansub World
Emiko's Genesis
Animecca - The Largest Internet Anime Fanzine
Silverwynd Productions

Backgrounds and Clip Art

GIF Wizard from Raspberry Hill Publishing Inc.
The Banner Generator
Live Cursors
Heaven on Earth
Souls Haven
Ocean's Designs
Sand Dancer's Graphics
Backgrounds by Crissy
Marvelicious backgrounds
The Pixel Foundry
Paint Shop Pro Web Graphics
Truman Brown's Texture Woild

Games and Gaming

The PBeM News
The Camarilla's US National Web Site
Irony Games' Dice Server
Multi-Player Games Network Main Page
The Internet Role-Playing Society
Misha's Playstation CHEATS and CODES

Cleveland Resources

Cleveland Public Library
INDEX: Cuyahoga Community College
The Greater Cleveland PC Users Group
Ameritech Internet Yellow Pages
Welcome to the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority

Collectable Cutlery!

Cyber Knives
The Knife Center of the Internet
The Edge Company Home Page
Atlantic Cutlery
Swords from Fantasy Cutlery East
Bugei Trading Company/Japanese Swords

Well there you go! Have fun!

People wanted to see where I go. ^_^
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