The Good Guys

Overall Goodguys Theme Song: (To be Forthcoming)

Rizzen (The Prince): Avariel Alpha Nanomancer - A thousand years ago the mighty Avariel were destroyed by fire… or so many thought. But the blood of ancients returned in the form of twin brothers whose destiny would ultimately change and shape the world. Rizzen was the youngest of the two and for a century suffered in ways that would break a common man dozens of times over. Rizzen was blessed (or cursed depending on who you asked) to be the most powerful of their kind, an Alpha Nanomancer with the power to level a city within minutes. Possessing an unearthly beauty and a soul of unyielding light, Rizzen struggled through darkness within and without while trying to deal with his heritage without turning into they who destroyed the world a thousand years ago. But over time and trials, he finally found peace and love enough to snap the chains that bound his mind and heart. Now named the Prince and heir apparent he is responsible for the fate of the continent in more ways than one.

Theme Song:"With My Mind" by Cold
Quotables! "Been there, done that... NOT having it."

Dezaryn/Atrius: (Leader) Avariel Bladesmaster/ Metpsi- Ah the noble Dezaryn. Once thought to be a brooding, moody Dampyre, our new Avarian hero now comes in lighter spirits. No longer the center of attention where ever he goes, he still remains darkly charming and drop dead gorgeous. With the death of many heroes, the role of leadership has now fell to his shoulders. Responsibility nips at his heals like a rabid dog. But, refusing to falter, the jovial, and stubborn, Dezaryn soars to new heights. Newfound abilities merge with his old Blademaster ways. Mage powers are now dwindling away, abandoned for the power of new. Don't be mistaken, still curious and still unable to back down from any challenge, thoughts still run deep to the core of his shared soul. Worry, doubt, things he tries to hide and brought on by his new responsibility. He seeks to lose no one else, even strives to bring those lost back. A myriad of women plaguing his memories and his present. Not sure how to handle or pursue these intrigues. He has not forgotten his demon 'family' either. Thoughts of revolution and a new order to the Abyss flood his imagination. The Tenma still lives with angel's wings. A new task awaits him, the reformation of all the underworld. Like a preacher, singing a song of repentance, he tries to bring them back to the light. Evidence of another challenge, perhaps his greatest, that he refuses to back down from. He will find a way, though the road be long and perilous. But, one thing in all of this confusion remains the same...He's going to have a good time going about it. :)

Theme Song: “Welcome to the Black Parade” by My Chemical Romance
Quotables! "Bring it on!"

Birendra(Guide): Human Bladesmaster- The lovely Lady Scarlet, many know her as, or a hundred other names. Fiery haired Birendra is the bane of the upper echelon of society. Intermixing a vast understanding of politics with a mercenary life and the secretive nature of the ninja-like Bladesmasters have made her a dangerous person to know. She finds great pleasure in the manipulation of people *especially* those in power! She is coldly practical by nature, taking no assumptions to chance. Having been from one end of the continent to the other (often on the run) makes her the perfect guide, while her lethal skills with a sword makes her a favorable companion.

Theme Song: "Survivor" By DESTINY'S CHILD
Quotables! "Sometimes I just get tired of all the fighting..."

Lordan: Human Knight of the Unicorn: Having seen the changes of the world and watched the return of legends, Lordan sometimes isn't sure which way is right. Determined to finally bring the light of goodess back, he must first overcome his own doubts before he can prevent an ameggeddon.

Theme Song:"Silent Warrior" by The Crystal Method
Quotables! "Failure is not an option."

Larkid: Centaur Lyrae Warrior, Water Element - Tall, powerful Chieftain heir to a secretive tribe of centaurs and possessing a strange elemental ability, the ice warrior Larkid is on a quest of knowledge; trying to restore the balance of nature that is being rapidly torn apart.

Theme Song:"The Hounds of Winter" by Sting

Casey Calotta: Avariel Martial Artist, Pyrokinetic Prime - Displaced from his home, Casey was once a citizen of Nestral...well, until he met the twins. Now stuck 1,000 years in the future with all he had ever known destroyed, Casey battles with depression, adapting to this new age, and his love for Rizzen. Serving the Avariels out of habit, then finally out of deep respect. He sees their battle as finally forefilling the great vision that the Avatars of his time failed to do.

Theme Song: "It Can Happen" by Yes
Quotables! "Rizzen... your brother's a moron."

Sylene: Weretiger Ranger - Air Element - Dion's feisty, younger sister somehow survived the massacre that claimed her parents and everything she knew. She holds a deep-set anger against the upper-class of life which made her perfect friends with Birendra, the famed 'Bane of Society's Upper Echelon'. Learning to tame her wild wind powers, Sylene rose through the ranks of the Northern Rangers as the adopted daughter of Ravellen Syr. Tactician and battle master; her wits are as sharp as her razor tongue. Beautiful and deadly the weretigeress has proved over and again that she can hold her own in any situation.

Theme Song:"Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor

Valan: Cat-elf Gladiator - In the depths of Tyrsis' gladiator pits, numberous slaves are beaten into submission or killed. Physically and mentally abused, their bodies and minds stripped of any semblence of self-consciousness and ego, feelings are for the weak and nothing in their lives are ever gentle. Valan learned this very early on in life, he was raised in the pits since capture as a young cub. An emotionless void, he was turned into a killing machine that held no room for mercy or compassion... only rage and the blind need to destroy. His rescue came as a surprise and opened a whole new battlefield to contend with... life itself. There were no set rules, no enclosed spaces and having feelings sometimes saved you instead of damned you. It was a new way of thinking for him, having people who cared even a little. But still it would take a long time before the cat sheathed its claws completely.

Theme Song: "Unknown" by Lifehouse
Quotables! "It's okay, I understand. Nothing is what it used to be. But I must believe in what everyone is fighting for. Otherwise it gets overwhelming."

Thornn: Human Warrior (Pyromancer) - Thornn has known little in his life. A blacksmith, he seemed to be fated to spend out his life in a remote village. This was before relics of the past awakened the power that had always flowed unknown through his blood. Now, curiosity led him, a promise once kept him, and finally discovering new friendship keeps him in the company of people who he never would have even imagined. Ever followed by Kyrasis, a small puppy with a BIG secret, Thornn hopes to find the true beauty within all rather than to ignore or kill.

Theme Song: "Believe it or Not" by Joey Scarbury

Orius Thane: Human Unicorn Knight - Rose Crest - Young, cultured but sadly naďve, Orius was thrust into leadership and dangerous situations far before he was ready for them. Believing only in what he knew to be routine, real life became a deadly smack in the face. The webs of deception and intrigue have taken him from one end of the globe to the next. Now he must toss out everything he ever knew and learn all over again from the ground up. Otherwise he may never survive to unravel a mystery that seems to be threatening the whole of existence.

Theme Song:"Nothin's Gonna Stand in Our Way" by Spectre General

Dion Silentpaw: Weretiger Ruby Mage - Like Dez and Biredra, Dion is intimately aware of just what all is at sake in the war to stop oblivion. He has passed through Death's Gates twice and been from one end of Tartaris to the other. His once bitter anger against the nobility of Infinity faded once he joined by the side of the future King. Jovial and yet serious, Dion believes firmly in the ability of laughter to push back the tears of doubt and pain. All he wants now is to be there when the final strike is done.

Theme Song:"Kryponite" by 3 Doors Down
Quotables! "What's... (insert random Nestralian substance)?"

Chaaryse Karnobian-Mephistar: Onyx Mage: Bad girl turned good out of spite. Chaaryse has no real love of doing 'good' for the sake of being good. She does good for the sake of pissing off the bad guys, and like so many sociopaths throughout history can claim it was her father's fault. Spoiled, trained by the best his money could provide, given little in the way of love and everything in the way of materialism-that was Chaaryse's childhood. Having fallen in love with one deemed unworthy (her personal bodyguard of all things!) by her powerful and evil father, Chaaryse was forbidden to have anything further to do with Nycalsian Mephistar. She rebelled, chose love, and thus her father cursed her and Nycalsian to a lifetime of being always together and always apart. During the daylight hours she occupied her body; when twilight came her spirit was forced into the Void to allow Nyc to live the night in his lover's body until the sunrise, when the two exchanged places again. Rhys' strong desire to strip them of this curse led to mysterious circumstances and the subsequent righting of the wrong against the two lovers. Upon returning to Mipross the pair murdered her black-hearted father and married. She found herself in control of a frighteningly powerful and magickal business empire that came complete with a life of decadence and built in enemies.

Theme Song: "White Lightning & Wine" by Heart
Quotables! "But my bad side is my *best* one. At least I think so. It's the one that sparks my...creativity."

Nycalsian Mephistar: Shadowdancer: It was Nycalsian's obsession with misery and the macabre that made him well-suited to working for one of Mipross' most dangerously powerful families. A driven individual dedicated to darkness and the dance of blades, Nyc was the sort to appreciate high-expectations. He favored his role of protector towards Chaaryse Karnobian, while it was the onyx mages' combination of diabolical wit and beauty that brought him to love her. It didn't matter that her father failed to approve. It wasn't the Shadow dancers' way to give in to authority, or fear.

Cursed then to share Chaaryse's body by night and wander the Void by day, Nycalsian was subject to the irony of suffering in one of the few ways he'd consider to be punishment. Now that this misery is at an end, the man's sense of playful irreverence is no longer borne from bitterness, but the egocentric confidence of having overcome extreme adversity. He and Chaaryse have killed their tormentor, and taken over that empire of wealth and intrigue. Pain. Torture. Malice. To each is an art form, and the host of enemies they have inherited keep Nyc well entertained.

He sides with the good, not only because it suits his beloved to be evil towards evil. Instead, he revels in the mechanisms of the dastardly. To outwit, undermine, and create agony amidst those dedicated to such things is, in his eyes, sublime.

Theme Song: "Hands of Death (Burn Baby Burn)" by Alice Cooper
Quotables! "It wouldn't be any fun if everything went according to plan..."

Trevalyn (The Seer): Gypsy Artificer/Tarot Mage- Trevalyn was placed in a small rural hamlet by his Gypsy clan when he was still an infant for fear that the old clan’s enemies were coming for them. His adopted parents cared for him and loved him and, when the time came, gave him his clan’s legacy, and emerald ring and an intricately detailed deck of tarot cards. Through practice Trevalyn became quite good at telling fortunes, a fact that lead people to stop coming to him for fear of bad news. He enjoyed his life till one day he did a reading and one of his cards began to glow. The trouble foretold to him subsided as something stopped the disaster, but Trevalyn never forgot the fear. Five years later, Similar signs came to him in a reading again, this time more elaborate and terrifying. So, seeing his time to take part in the destiny of all, Trevalyn left his small home town with nothing but his cards, his wits and a goal, to find the source of the coming disaster and to stop it.

Theme Song: “The Prophets Song” by Queen
Quotables! “Of course we’ll make it there by nightfall. Wouldn’t want to go to the horrible city of nightmares and death in the daytime, would we?”

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