Name: Rizzen Delarian

REAL name: That IS his real name. Unless you mean Nestralian spelling, then it's Rezzo.

Age: 150 years

Height: 6'

Weight: Who knows?

Class: Alpha Nanomancer

Current Comeliness Level: 35 ((*MAJOR drool!!*))

Info: Come ON, you have to know who he is. :P Well, the 'youngest' of the two and awesomely powerful... and heart-breakingly GORGEOUS, Rizzen is the gentle ultra Bishounen of AoA. While his brother sports the short, black hair and white wings, Rizzen has these looooong locks of pure black and BLACK wings. Yeah, yeah he's true bisho style. Look at him from the back you can't tell he's male. But he's been through more shit than his twin has!

Let's go through it shall we? Following the attack on their house ((see Dez)) Chibi-Rizzen and his mother Soraya fled to a small mountain village in Iron Claw. He was still a beautiful child but rather traumatized by the loss of his twin. Very quiet and all. He had a vision of his brother being in danger again which didn't help and it was too vague to interpret. Well he lived there for quite a while and he was about 50 years old ((which is nothing by their standards)) when he *felt* the taint of his twin. He didn't have any idea what it was, but it hurt like all holy hell! Rizzen flipped out naturally, and the surge that hit the web of magic refracted back on his Ecomancer mother ((OUCH!)). She was so out cold from that. Poor Rizzen was crazed from the pain of his twin and the knowledge that he harmed his mother, so his brain went into mental collapse.

Mortegro, noticed the huge surge and took a whole bunch of undead up to the mountains to find out what did that. The village was ransacked and Rizzen, who couldn't think very well at the moment and had lost the knowledge of his powers, could only hide his unconscious mother before he was found and dragged out. When Soraya awakened, she had lost both of her sons. The despair was so bad she couldn't continue on as she was... however her duty as a Druid kept her alive. So she turned herself into a tree and became the next Magister of Tartaris.

Meanwhile Rizzen was dragged off to Finality where Mortegro tried to find out how this beautiful young man made such a burst of power. Rizzen, whose brain was really screwed up, had no idea. He threatened and beat him and the like, but Rizzen couldn't answer. Frustrated, the mage decided to kill him. He cast a spell that would have slain a normal manů and while it hurt like shit, Rizzen mysteriously healed! Morty found out that no matter what he tried, the youth wouldn't die and would heal up from everything thrown at him! Also, he NEVER lost that unworldly beauty. ((Ha! Go Rizzen!!))

So while his brother was romping about as a dark warrior/hero/lover type with no memory, Rizzen spent the next century in torment HELL... but with fractured memory. He eventually met Catlin who became his friend, the last Keyholder of Elbayrl's lineage. One day Morty got pissed and cast a high level fireball at point blank range at Rizz ((You know... that's just beyond fucked up. That's overkill.)). He STILL didn't DIE! In fact he sprouted wings! ((Uh oh.... bet you Rion was wetting himself.)) He passed out. When he woke up, he had no idea why he got moved out of the dungeons. SO... Mortegro could see that Rizzen's head was messed up somewhere because he still didn't remember about having wings at all. So he kept him around as a servant or something. When he went to form an alliance with Reesha, Queen of the Amazons, she demanded temporary ownership of Rizzen for a few months. ((I don't blame her! Lovely, sexy guy like that? I would have asked for him too!)) Morty agreed on the grounds that she didn't 'tamper' with him. ((Does getting him into bed count as tampering Morty? I would want to know that!)) Later on, Catlin's family sent a Unicorn Knight name Lordan to rescue her. Rizzen stayed behind so that she could escape without being tracked. She promised she would set him free someday.

Well anyway, DalMaon who is like Morty's rival attacked Rizzen's caravan ((that's harsh... being transported like merchandise)). An Arcadian Gypsy had told him that the caravan held the most powerful magic on Tartaris and he would need a special collar to control it. Well all he saw was this young man in there. A very beautiful boy, but that was it. So he took Rizzen away, putting the collar on him and all. Later DalMaon got his apprentice Leona and they went about their quest to unlock the secrets of the Staff of Elbayrl. Blah, blah... run into Argon, more stuff, more problems, more Amazons....

Okay, now Rizzen's twin Atrius (Dezaryn) finds him. (YEAH!! Happiness!)) crap goes off in Mallandaria. ((See Dez's page)) Lee and DalMaon split and he gets sucked into the vortex with his brother and Birendra and lands in Nestral. Rizzen is like SO confused. Casey almost shits when he sees him ((Can you see him trying to wipe the drool off the steering wheel?)) because Rizzen's race is like treated as Gods and all. Casey SO falls for him.

Later Rizzen goes to Tiphanis to train himself and all the ladies there are wowed. I mean its not everyday they see this *young* Avariel show up who's power and beauty puts them ALL to shame! ((Yeah he just got it like that!)) While big brother (by 3 minutes) Dezaryn becomes The Law with the Sentinels, Rizzen is being fed fruit by hand and dressed up and having his hair fixed, and tried to bathe him. But he wouldn't let them go that far. No the guys up there weren't exactly fond of his instant popularity. He was very pretty though... even they had to admit that. ((Heh...)) Rizzen wasn't happy with this. He didn't trust all that attention and stuff. Gotta understand, he was under Morty for almost 100 years who hung him up naked in the courtyard just so people could make rude, sexual gestures at him. Doesn't exactly do much for your ego or self-confidence you know? Dez would have called it Heaven. ;D

Queen Allanna ((The Super Bitch)) decided she wanted to keep him at her court. ((What's up with the QUEENS trying to keep Rizzen?? First Reesha, now her!)) Rizzen didn't wanna play with her though. (HA! Go Rizzen! Show her up!) She decked him out in the most luxurious stuff ((now you know where his wardrobe came from!)) and took his refusal as a challenge. ((We all know what was up really. She was jealous as hell. This 150-year-old was 10 up on the thousands whatever year old hag in the beauty and power department)). So that's why Rizzen was called out when Dez and Co sacked the palace. Rizzen looked at his brother and was like, he didn't know what the deal was but whatever side his twin's on was the side HE was getting on! ((Bwahaha!!))

Yadda, yadda history goes on, they leave Nestral with Casey and Lanina. ((You didn't think Casey was going to let him go just like that did you?)) Well the rest of this stuff you can read in Dez's page. Rizzen was totally happy when his brother turned back into an Avariel. They make a lovely pair don't you think? Wonderful playboy (Hurricane!) Dez, gorgeous and powerful Rizzen in his Nestralian made robes. Seeing the two together in full regalia is enough to make a person go *blind*! Actually Lanina fell to her knees when she saw it the one time. ((Do you BLAME her?!?))

Rizzen's Interview!